Why us?

All Star Lists has the most accurate and up to date information on virtually every business and consumer nationwide. We guarantee it! 91% guarantee on business lists and 95% guarantee on consumer lists. (Better than any of our competitors, if they even offer a guarantee)

All Star Lists is an independent data broker, which means we can use data from any source. We do not have any ties to any one data compiler, therefore we can use the best source of data for your marketing needs.

NO monthly fees and NO long term contracts. Plus no charge to send you the data. (Some companies actually charge you for that)

Repeat business and referrals are 95% of our business. So you know we treat our clients with fantastic service.

Free one-on-one consulation with you, or your whole marketing team. You will not find that at the big list stores.

With our experience All Star Lists can help you find the exact list that will get you the best return on your investment. We can save you time and money by only marketing to your best prospects.


To put it quite simply, we help our clients find more customers!


Business Lists


We have information on virtually every business in the country!

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We can send your email message to millions of businesses and consumers!

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Specialty Lists


Extemely targeted lists to expand your customer base!

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Consumer Lists


We have information on virtually every consumer in the country!

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New Movers


There are millions of New Movers and New Homeowners every year!

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New Businesses


We have information on New Businesses too! Over 25,000 / week!

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Database Services


We can make your current database much more valuable!!

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Free Count Request

Send us a count request and we will get you a free count as soon as possible!

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